Oil is critical for Alfa Romeo, Maserati, and Fiat engines. A quick look at eBay will reveal a significant numbers of cars being sold as "spares or repairs" with wrecked crankshafts due to infrequent oil changes of an incorrect type or letting the oil level get too low.

Selenia oil and fluid products are recommended by Fiat, Alfa Romeo, and Maserati. As the oils that the engines were designed for, they are the only ones that can meet the special needs of these engines. Shell and Agip are also recommended by Maserati for certain specific vehicles.

We will only ever put the correct oil into your car when servicing it as we believe that this is the only way to service your car in the way that it was originally intended. This will always be Selenia for Fiat and Alfa Romeo, but some Maseratis use Shell or Agip, which we also keep in stock.

Unfortunately, with so many official dealerships being "multi franchise" now, they will often put whatever is to hand into your car - so if most cars being serviced at that particular garage are Peugeots rather than Alfa Romeos, say, then your car will get Duckhams oil, for example, whether that's good for your car or not as that's what the majority of cars going through that dealership will be getting.

Even Fiat. Alfa, and Maserati dealerships are putting Shell oil in these cars now, not because it's the oil the car was designed for - it isn't - but due to the FIAT Formula 1 team's sponsorship considerations. Shell is a fine oil, but only into the engines that it's meant for.

It doesn't do your car any good though as there are many factors to consider when putting oil into your car - not just the lubricating and cooling aspect of the oil, but how the synthetic seals in the engine react to the various chemicals and additives in the oil.

These tiny differences are so critical that Selenia even manufacture slightly different versions of the same oil for Fiats and Alfa Romeos.

You will not find Selenia oils and other products on a garage forecourt, motor accessories shop, Halfords, or your local supermarket. You can only get Selenia oil products through Alfa Romeo, Maserati, and Fiat dealers. Plus a small number of Alfa Romeo, Maserati, and Fiat specialists, such as ourselves.

Selenia oils are not cheap, although they are priced well in comparison with most of the familiar highly promoted brands. However, they are the best products for your car, and compared to the cost of a trashed engine the extra few quid over the cost of an "own brand" oil is well worth it.

This is a list of products that we normally keep in stock.

Type Application Data Sheet Price/Qty
Agip SInt 2000 Fully Synthetic 1982-1998 Maserati Turbo Engines Sint2000.pdf Special Order Only
Selenia Racing 10W60 Fully Synthetic 1998-2002 Maserati Quad Cam Turbo Engines Racing.pdf 22.00 / 2L
Shell Helix Ultra 5W40 Fully Synthetic 2002- Maserati/Ferrari V8 Shell.pdf 10 / 1L
Selenia 20K 10W40 Semi Synthetic Fiat/Alfa Romeo Petrol Engines 20K.pdf 20.00 / 2L
Selenia Turbo Diesel Semi Synthetic 8v Fiat/Alfa Diesel Engines TD.pdf 18.00 / 2L
Selenia WR Semi Synthetic 16v Fiat/Alfa Diesel Engines WR.pdf 20.00 / 2L
Entire catalogue, including special order items. FLCat.pdf